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Film to DVD or Digital

Film to DVD or Digital Calgary

Film to DVD or Digital

Imagine having antique 8mm film modernized and converted to DVD or digital format to share with your grandparents. Calgary’s Ty Reynolds applies leading technology to transfer 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film into DVD and digital formats. We have cultivated an emulsion-side, frame-by-frame transferring process that ensures vivid and sharp quality images. You can be sure that every minute detail is captured through our careful and intensive transferring method. We also offer a variety of menu options, background music choices and printed labels for your discs at no additional cost. Not only will your new DVD or digital file look sharp, the packaging will as well.

How Quickly Can I Get My Digital File for My Film?

It takes on average 2 weeks to complete converting your precious film to a digital format.

What Digital Formats Can I Convert my Film Into?

There are many digital formats that we can provide for you such as:

  • DVD 
  • Mp4
  • .AVI
  • MOV

Do I Get My Film Back After The Work Is Completed?

Yes, of course! These memories are precious and belong to you.


Bring your film to Ty Reynolds so we can retrofit your movies and bring them back to life. Give us a call today 403-262-3078.


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If you have an old movie to convert to DVD, a special event to be recorded or any questions regarding our services, please gives us a call today at 403-262-3078 or fill out the form below:

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