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The Advanced Process of Converting 8mm Film to DVD

The Advanced Process of Converting 8mm Film to DVD

We’ve all heard about the available technology here in Calgary that allows for 8mm film to be converted to a DVD format. Understanding how the conversion process actually works is a different story. Ty Reynolds, one of Calgary’s top video service companies, is explaining the advanced system they use to transfer 8mm film to DVD. Read on to learn more about this impressive method.

Whether you have 8mm film, Super 8 or 16mm film, it is important to begin by cleaning and inspecting the film. After inspection, the film is placed on a scanner so that each frame is individually scanned using the sharp, emulsion side with the assistance of a specialized camera. This camera and process allows for each image to be viewed in full size without any cropping. Other transfer methods are less effective and will crop images.

The film is then lit using a sensitive and much cooler LED light. Other bulbs will run too hot and potentially damage the film. After each frame has been individually scanned, the images are sorted and put together by specialized software that will create fast and precise motion image. This process offered in Calgary is so advanced at converting 8mm film to DVD that it can convert images into motion regardless of what rate they were shot at originally.

It’s really exciting to know that we can salvage, restore and update our old videos by modernizing them for today’s digital world. This wonderful technology allows families to relive old memories over and over again. If you have some old film that you would like to retrofit and bring back to life, call the Calgary’s expert video service company, Ty Reynolds today at 403.262.3078

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